March 16, 2011

We Heart Brooklyn & Coffee And We Ain't Goin' Nowhere

In January, I made the New Year's Resolution to see more friends and write a book on coffee shops...then I got a new job. Yes, I know, you have not heard from your favorite coffee and cookie enthusiasts since December! No worries, we are back.  

I have been working at Heart of Brooklyn, a cultural partnership that promotes the six must-see cultural destinations of Brooklyn including Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park, Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, and the Brooklyn Children's Museum.   I am also working with merchants from Washington Avenue-Prospect Heights Association and Vanderbilt Avenue Merchants District.   Diego has also been keeping busy; he started his first year at public school. He is learning about pigeons, composting, trashless lunches, Brooklyn geography, and examining how many bears can fit in a box. We miss going to coffeeshops together, but we promise we will be  continuing our Brooklyn coffee adventures.   

Here are some great photos of our recent trip to Argentina, where we visited the very famous Cafe Tortoni, a cafe located on the famous Avenida de Mayo in Buenos AIres.  It is here where remarkable individuals like Jorge Luis Borges, Federico Garcia Lorca, Carlos Gardel, Alfonsina Storni, Albert Einstein, Luigi Pirandello, and Hillary Clinton have visited. 


  1. Enjoyed reading your posts and looking forward to you next coffee shop adventure.

  2. as a lover of café, i enjoy your blog that i found looking arround time ago. next time you have to go to where a go to drink the best coffees of the world.