December 17, 2011

Sit & Wonder, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

In November of this year, Sit & Wonder coffee shop in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn announced that they were serving DOUGH donuts. DOUGH? And with Stumptown?  Aaah! Sit & Wonder had become a hang out of mine and now it was serving Diego’s favorite treat in the whole world! I had to finally carve out some time to take Diego to this pioneering coffee shop on Washington Avenue.
After so many months of abandoning our ritual, we finally hit our Brooklyn streets together to visit one of NYC’s best coffee shops and grab our badly needed fixes.  Our mini-date was perfect. I ordered the coconut donut and Diego ordered the glazed and shared them in the sun –drenched garden patio. We both simply can’t get over the fresh, plump, and overwhelmingly delicious taste of heaven!  Sorry, no treat can beat it!  Well…maybe the red velvet BCakeNY Cupcake that we had on our way out.  
The locally roasted Stumptown coffee is perfectly made here. Strong, consistent and it never disappoints.  The baristas are superbly trained and compare to the "experts" at Ace Hotel in Manhattan.     
Sit & Wonder owners Gemma & Lucien Redwood are truly doing an impressive job with this place and many agree (check any social network).  These coffee shop pioneers know what they are doing and refining it nicely. They opened this place in 2009 and also own Bittersuite in Fort Greene and run the carnival-like coffee cart at Artists & Fleas.
Sit & Wonder welcomes coffee and tea crowds to their living room-like coffee house surrounded with local art, offer delicious fresh pastries, affordable but quite tasty sandwiches, and Williamsburg’s Mast Brothers’ Chocolate.  They also entice you to continue your coffee brewing craft at home by selling coffee grinders, drippers, eco-friendly filters and more.  They offer wifi and are a great setting for anyone. 
Sit & Wonder is located at 688 Washington Avenue between Prospect Place & St. Mark’s.  

(718) 622-0299


  1. definitely the best coffee in the neighborhood. and i agree, the baristas are all excellent, which makes a huge difference. other places start with good coffee, but it is destroyed by poorly trained baristas. the combination of stumptown coffee and talented staff is unbeatable. and everyone is really nice and friendly too. ;-)

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